Centrifugal Atomisation

The metal is broken up through centrifugal acceleration

A highly efficient atomising method, centrifugal atomisation enables the production of narrow particle size distributions with low energy costs. It does have certain limitations, although less than you may think, due to the demands on the spinning disk. Where it can be applied it offers enormous cost saving benefits.


Used to produce battery grade zinc it allows optimisation of the distribution and maximisation of the yield with a fraction of the energy requirements of a gas atomising plant.


For electronic grade solder powder production, the median particle size of about 30 microns, and a very narrow standard deviation of around 1.3, gives a fantastic yield for Type III (+25-45 microns) and Type IV (+20 –38 microns) solder grades. With on line classification and yields of around 120kg per hour of Type III the system can deliver up to 60tonnes per month of Type III solder powder

We have also atomised steels, copper alloys and non metals by the centrifugal method. With throughputs of 500kg/minute and higher levels possible, it certainly is an atomising method to consider


ASL has test units available at our site in Sheffield.

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