Gas Atomisation

Moderate production rates,  highly spherical particles, with very low oxidation.

Gas Atomisation offers the benefits of low oxygen, highly spherical powder. The throughput potential from a single melt stream is lower than with water atomising, typically from 10-50kg/min, but the applications are generally more demanding or specialised.


If the gas atomiser is specified with ASL’s HOT GAS ANTI-SATELLITE system then the powder will be significantly freer of satellites and can be made even finer or more cost effective.

Whichever way you look at it, the ASL hot gas Anti-satellite can benefit your powder production.


MIM requires fine powders. Hot gas enables this. It allows the gas to metal ratio to be optimised whilst minimising the melt freezing potential. The hot gas provides a higher level of energy and therefore finer powder still. If you are producing MIM powders you should be talking to ASL about Hot Gas.


If you want to produce powders for applications such as thermal spray or brazing, ASL’s anti satellite system will ensure the freest flowing powders are produced, whilst Hot Gas will ensure your gas costs are minimised. Contact us for further details. We can supply you with the gas atomiser optimised for your business.

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