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ASL will be present at the WorldPM2016  exhibition. Visit us at booth No. 164


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The atomising course will again be run in Manchester, England, on the 23rd - 24th  February 2017.

ASL Founder receives medal


MON 18 July

Dr John Dunkley, the founder of Atomising Systems Limited, recently received the prestigious Ivor Jenkins Medal from the Institute of Material Minerals and Mining in London. The medal recognises his significant contribution to the scientific, industrial and technological understanding of materials processing using particulate materials.   John greeted the award with the words, “I am delighted to have been chosen to receive this medal; it is very rewarding to have the approbation of colleagues whom you have worked with during a long career,”


John has spent over 40 years working on the atomisation of molten metals to make metal  powders, and founded Atomising Systems Ltd of Darnall, Sheffield, in 1992. ASL now employs over 60 staff and produces thousands of tons/year of metal powder.  As well as publishing over 30 papers and a book on atomisation, John edited the scientific journal, Powder Metallurgy, for 10 years.


ASL is now run by John’s son, Simon Dunkley, but John continues to work to help with the growth of the company in a technical role. “Problem-solving is what gets me out of bed in the mornings” he says.


Attached photo: JJD receiving medal from Mike Hicks, President of the Institute and former Global Head of Materials Engineering at Rolls-Royce.



Tue 15 March

ASL will be exhibiting at the PM show in Shanghai. See us on booth A222




Ultrafine Gas Atomised Powders Available From Atomising Systems


ASL's improved gas atomiser and expansion for QC laboratory


MON 14 March

ASL will again be present at the ever popular Euro PM  exhibition. Visit us at booth No. 82

ASL has undertaken significant R&D work on its gas atomiser to address the increasing market for ultrafine gas atomised powders.


Following the development of a greatly improved tundish system, the 200kg batch capacity gas atomiser has now been upgraded with a high power gas heater allowing much higher atomising gas temperatures to be achieved. This, coupled with extensive work on ASL's gas atomising nozzle system  enables the production of  stainless steels with median particle size of  less than 20 microns.


Further investment in uprated sieving and classification systems, allows ASL to  undertake powder separations from over 100microns down to less than 5 microns.


With these upgrades ASL has increased its production capacity for the finest grades more than twofold.


The QC laboratory has received a significant expansion with a new Malvern Mastersizer, a total oxygen determination instrument, a compaction press and tensometer for green determination of water atomised powders, and an XRF chemical analyser. All are now in operation, assuring the quality and consistency of the Ultrafine gas atomised powders.


This QC laboratory investment of well over £200,000, coupled with the recruitment of extra laboratory staff, ensures ASL can provide a QC service exceeding that expected of our demanding clients.


Simon Dunkley, ASL's Managing Director says; "While a massive increase in orders for water atomised powders has kept us very busy, we have not neglected to develop our capability to serve our gas atomised powder clients with new grades for MIM, AM , HIP and thermal spray processes amongst others. These investments are already proving to be extremely beneficial."


Sheffield company Atomising Systems Ltd. reports that it has dramatically expanded its workforce to cope with a major influx of orders for metal powder.  Staff numbers at their Darnall facility have increased from 35 in September 2014 to over 60 in June to allow ASL’s two 500kW melting furnaces to operate at maximum output to service an order book stretching into 2016.


Four new apprentices have been taken on to join several that were hired two years ago and who are now finishing their training and making a major contribution to the workforce.  Before they start their college day-release courses in autumn, they will be working in production, quality control and maintenance to see which areas are of most interest to them.


As well as hiring enough staff to operate the existing plant at maximum output, ASL is investing heavily in new equipment. A £100k major upgrade of the gas atomiser is in hand, while a large new sieving station of similar cost has just been put into production on special steel grades.  In addition a new £25k instrument using laser diffraction to measure particle sizes as fine as one micron has been purchased and the QC laboratory is being expanded with the addition of a £30k oxygen analysing instrument.  As a family-owned company, ASL has always invested all its profits into equipment and R&D projects in order to continually grow the business.


Simon Dunkley, who took over management of the company from his father, Dr John Dunkley, in 2010 says; “After some tough times, it is very gratifying to see our investment in plant and research at last paying dividends.  It is particularly pleasing to be able to offer so many young people the opportunity to work in a leading-edge technical environment that allows so much scope for them to develop their talents.  Our recent investments should further allow us to fulfil the exacting demands of leading metal powder users around the world.”



Atomising Systems Ltd builds and installs metal atomisers throughout the world for a wide range of applications as well as manufacturing a range of specialist metal powders. Dr David Whittaker reports on a visit to the company.


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