Water Atomisation

Irregular particle shape. High production rates up to 60t/hour

Low operating costs

Water Atomisation has the potential to handle huge throughputs of metal on a single melt stream compared to gas atomisation.


Water atomisation is chosen because it produces irregular shaped particles as well as allowing large processing rates of up to around 1000kg per minute. This irregular shape offers the benefits of a much larger surface area, which when used in refining applications allows a greater surface area for chemical attack. PM (powder metallurgy) parts produced by pressing and sintering rely upon the irregular shapes to produce the compressibility and locking nature that holds the parts in their green shape (a certain strength that allows easier handling and sintering).


Atomising Systems Ltd.  produces water atomisers operating on small batches of a few kg all the way through to 1000kg/minute.


Smaller scale water atomisers are used in precious metal applications, including dental amalgam production. Large scale water atomisers can be seen making Fe powder for PM applications or atomising alloys for further refining, such as the FeCoCuS Matte atomiser in Chambishi, Zambia. Atomising Systems Ltd. has supplied systems to suit such client requirements.

Water atomisation normally requires a dewatering and drying process as well.


ASL has this covered too as we can offer engineered solutions to optimise the dewatering and drying processes, thus ensuring that you retain your products, profits and help to protect the environment!


If you have a water atomising requirement, contact us here at Atomising Systems Ltd. We have the expertise and experience to help you optimise your equipment.

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